The passport, a document that I almost had never seen before, came to be vitally important during the travel. Luckily, I had a passport with me to show who I was and that I was under 18 years old in order to have access to different forms of support and to my rights as a child, so I made sure not to lose it. Unfortunately, at one point of the travel I couldn’t find it anymore. I then felt really unprotected and anxious, and I had to face very difficult situations. From my experience, I understood that it is important to have a document to get support but also for my existence to be recognized by others.


Be careful not to lose your passport or any other document useful to proof your identity and age. Keep It safe, these document belong to you. No one should ask you for your documents other than child protective authorities or the police. If you don’t have one apply for it as soon as possible.