The travel I had in mind was very different from the real one: the conditions were discouraging. Sometimes I was afraid because I thought that my future was not in my hands and there was no alternative. These situations that escaped from my control where those that I feared most and that made me feel very vulnerable, also because unknown people could take advantage of my situation. In such moments, when I did not have the possibility to control or choose, I tried to keep calm and maintain at least my self-control, even if in some instances it was very difficult. Thinking positive and remembering the advice that my family and friends had given me upon departure was a way to reconnect with my inner strength. I have learnt that it is very important to try concentrating on the parts of my life where I feel I am in control.


Keeping confident about yourself and your future is very important, including in situations where you feel that you have little control over what is happening to you.